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Brand Identity |  Packaging

When watchmaker R.D. Hull created a better fishing reel back in 1949, his patented discovery reinvented fishing, making it easier than ever before to explore the outdoors. Today, fishing’s popularity has been displaced by an outdoor category offering an almost unlimited array of activities. Zebco not only needed a way to reposition itself in the category, but also be more visible and identifiable as a brand competitive with other contemporary outdoor brands. New Zebco brand positioning invites people to discover and share life outdoors on the water.

Our work began with an approachable new wordmark, intentionally simple to align the brand with its easy-to-use products; iconic and confident enough to stand out in the retail environment. The wordmark abandons the former logo’s heavy-handed quality, but retains the underline as a nod to the past. The Z icon becomes the simplest brand expression.

The packaging system accommodates three tiers of products, product names with variations, and an array of benefits and features. Value, flagship and premium tiers manage layers of information, designed for easy navigation by consumers. Packaging forms include hang tags for open stock, boarded rod and reel combos, and clam packs and boxes to house individual reels.

Previous, product packaging was cluttered and inconsistent. New packaging makes the brand visible using a prominent wordmark, brand color and “Z” stripe as a visual disruptor. Boarded items act as “billboards” at retail, maximizing the brand’s visibility.

Agency: Cue, Inc.

Creative Director: Alan Colvin

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