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Mariano Rivera Foundation

Brand Identity |  Print Design | Merchandise Design

At Cue, I designed the identity for the Mariano Rivera Foundation. Mariano Rivera is best known as a Yankees pitching legend and the only player ever unanimously voted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. Mariano and his wife, Clara, founded the Mariano Rivera Foundation in 1998 to provide children from impoverished families the life skills that will set them on the path to a brighter future.

The system communicates positive attributes of a winning philosophy. The mark references Mariano’s faith, as well as the foundation’s collective commitment to improving the lives of others. Messaging is bold, empowering youth and volunteers alike to be Strong, Brave & Capable. The system extends to iconography supporting the organization’s initiatives. Other materials host a variety of efforts to move the foundation forward, including fundraising, building out facilities and inviting others to join.

Agency: Cue, Inc.

Creative Director: Alan Colvin

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