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Brand Identity  |  Packaging  |  Print Design  |  Illustration

Leroux is a storied brand with more than a century of history. Crafted to celebrate extraordinary flavor, Leroux offers a wide variety of products making it a perfect accompaniment to every occasion and adventure. Sipped, shot or savored, it’s a great way to celebrate all that life offers. Over the years, the brand became fragmented, losing its presence and credibility on shelf. Our charge was to strengthen Leroux’s brand expression and reputation for innovative products.

Leroux’s new brand expression honors equity of the past while adding credibility to the portfolio. The new Identity adds refinement with filigree and brand iconography, and the packaging system features illustrative flavor cues to elevate its repertoire of home bar options.

Agency: Cue, Inc.

Creative Director: Alan Colvin

Photography: Cody Petts

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